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The Creators of NY: Comedians The Dependable Felons

Josh Wool spent a decade as an executive chef, opening restaurants across the south. But all that changed in 2010, when the carpal tunnel in his hands meant he could no longer work. To keep from going stir crazy, he picked up a camera and found his next calling. Two years, thousands of portraits, and a move to New York later, Wool is documenting the people who inspire him on a daily basis. Welcome to Creators of NYC.

The Dependable Felons

Comedians James Chupka and Murf Meyer met sometime around 2009, in a rat-infested row home in Northern Philly (their words). Now part of comedy troupe The Dependable Felons, the duo are making their way into the New York comedy scene with a particular brand of psychedelic absurdity — and a new tour that takes them into people’s living rooms. We caught up with them in their Park Slope stomping grounds.

Your newest gig is a called the Whiskey Tango Living Room Tour, which actually takes you into the homes of New Yorkers. Why host a comedy show in people’s living rooms?

The Felons were inspired by our lower-middle-class upbringing, where friends and family would gather in each others homes every weekend to share spirits, jokes, and stories. Cheaper than any movie or concert that would pass through Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. With the Whiskey Tour, we want to make our shows more accessible.

Is it ever awkward being in the private homes of strangers?

Sometimes it takes a moment for both the performers and the audience to get used to the intimacy. But once everybody settles in, it becomes a funky experience. The weirdest thing we’ve dealt with was putting a host to bed. He clearly had too much to drink, so we escorted him to his bed and tucked him in. All in a night’s work. 

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Everybody looking good in front of the banner. WTLRT 11/10/12

photos by: Matt Gifford

Murf belting it out for his lover.

Use bacon responsibly.

“For two straight guys, you have a lot of dildos.”

– Frankie from Skylark Bar, Brooklyn

Hit the storage wars jackpot! (Taken with Instagram)

Hit the storage wars jackpot! (Taken with Instagram)